Interview with ANDRE DE WIT: ”Gen Z and millennials are looking for a purposeful job and in general they are seen as less loyal to their employer”

Andre De Wit is Dean at Leadership Academy Amsterdam. Andre is a regular speaker at the HR events organized by BusinessMark.
What are the HR trends that you think will define the new decade?

Andre: The HR-trends will be centered around the topic of creation of an Agile mindset in the organization. With Agile mindset I mean the ability to adjust ourselves to the fast changing circumstances. The HR professionals will need to take the lead to create this ability in their organizations and need to lead by example. Due to the fast changing environment, failing to build this Agile ability will have serious consequences and can even lead to the end of your organization, because it obstructs the right execution of the defined strategy. 

What do you think about Finland’s PM proposal of a 4-day work week? Would such a method be efficient in improving employees’ productivity?

Andre: In the Netherlands we see the same tendency. Such a method for sure can lead to improved productivity, conditional that this is combined with increasing the trust given by leaders. For sure staff will appreciate a reduced working week and will reward this with higher motivation and consequently higher productivity.  

What the Gen Z and millennial expect from a workplace? Are their desires and expectations shaping the” traditional” ways of the Human Resources department?

Andre: Research shows that Gen Z and millennials are looking for a purposeful job and in general they are seen as less loyal to their employer. The HR department has, as the responsible for leadership, the role to learn and prepare the leaders in their organization how to lead this younger and more demanding group of employees.

How the leaders of tomorrow should look? What is your advice for them?

Andre: In our opinion there are four important capabilities the leader of tomorrow should have:

  1. Self-awareness: conscious of personal Purpose, Values and Vision and able to align these with those from the organization
  2. Connected: being able to connect with others as well via modern media as in personal meetings
  3. Agile: being able to adjust your behavior to changing environment
  4. Visionary: being able to lead by a vision instead of using command and control

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